Ohio Women’s Alliance


We are a coalition of femme and female community builders convening folks in Ohio to explore and fight for issues that create a better Ohio for all.



To lift up, connect, and invest in local femme and female community builders. We provide restorative programming, leadership development, and a statewide platform to elevate these leaders and connect with folks across Ohio who are engaged around our issues.


An Ohio that takes a stake in all women and femmes having agency over their bodies, safety, education, and economic prosperity.


Community for community builders








The Ohio Women’s Alliance is a statewide coalition of femme and female leaders dedicated to building community and championing a platform of issues that creates a better Ohio for all. Creating a better Ohio for women and femmes begins with engaged citizens, and developing an engaged constituency requires trusted, experienced, well-resourced community organizers.

We believe that by resourcing, connecting, and investing in female and femme organizers leading local movements across Ohio, we can create more impactful and accessible opportunities for engagement and create a cultural narrative shift that champions a better Ohio for all.


Ohio lawmakers continue to perpetuate archaic laws and policies that strip away the power and dignity of women and femmes. Our most vulnerable community members—low-income, transgender, women of color, and immigrant women—are often the hardest hit by these dangerous policies and laws. And yet, amidst the rising inequalities, the voices of women and femmes fighting against these injustices are growing louder and stronger than ever by leading, organizing, and mobilizing within our state with many groups operating solely through volunteers. We must invest in the leaders of Ohio’s grassroots movements while fostering solidarity between our collective interests. In the absence of a sustainable, restorative community for femme and female grassroots leaders, the Ohio Women’s Alliance was formed.

By developing this statewide alliance, we can build a brandless, values-based movement led by women and femmes that operates year-round. 

The desire to do this work is often rooted in personal struggle and survival, forcing leaders to repeatedly revisit the trauma and oppression they have experienced over and over. Women and femmes of color are disproportionately tasked with the additional responsibility of formally or informally educating others about their experiences of discrimination, rarely with additional compensation. By forming a restorative community that invites repair, brave conversation, and transformation, we can build a network of supported, resourced femme and female leaders in Ohio. 

If our work is truly about centering the women we fight for, then we must invest in our home-grown, locally respected organizers.

Their work ignites an engaged constituency to defend democracy and champion a platform of issues empowering women and non-binary folks in Ohio. These leaders deserve a statewide ally that listens to their needs, lifts their voices high, and invests back into the incredible spaces they build. The Ohio Women’s Alliance seeks to be that ally, and by supporting us, you become an ally to women and femmes in Ohio too. 



Erin Scott

executive director | she/her/hers

Whether it’s connecting nonprofit organizations to funding or badass women to each other, Erin Scott loves bringing the right people to the table and watching the sparks fly. Previously, Erin has worked to build a more just and vibrant Ohio through consulting and working with the Ohio Progressive Collaborative, LEAD Ohio, the Ohio Democratic Party, and The Columbus Foundation in the community research and grants management department. Erin teaches in the undergraduate and graduate programs for the nonprofit studies program at her alma mater, The Ohio State University’s John Glenn School of Public Affairs, where she earned her Master of Public Administration degree.

Rhiannon Childs

vp of community engagement & social impact | she/her/hers

Rhiannon Childs is the former Executive Director for Women's March Ohio Chapter. Rhiannon’s background in the United States Air Force as a healthcare professional was the beginning of her compassion and dedication to social justice and uplifting voices of marginalized and oppressed communities. She is also the Chair of Community Outreach for Lean In Ohio, a member of the King Arts Complex Women's Service Board, and the Health and Legislative Chair for the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc. Columbus, Ohio Chapter. She is a mom, a veteran, and the co-creator of the Confront White Womanhood project.

Olivia Adkins

digital content manager | she/her/hers

Olivia is a recent graduate of the John Glenn College of Public Affairs at the Ohio State University. She has previously worked for the City of Columbus, the Columbus Foundation and LEAD Ohio. She is an avid reader, writer and thrifter who is passionate about gender equity, slow fashion and creative, radical communication.