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** Gun violence trigger warning**

We think it can't happen to us. In less than one week, there were mass shootings at a food festival in California, at a shopping mall in Texas, and right in our very own Dayton, Ohio. Thirty-two people killed and over sixty-five injured.

Each was an act of white terrorism, deeply embedded in white supremacy, and can happen at any given time unless we do something about it. At every mass shooting incident, people ask, "What will it take to make change happen?" The answer is you. Your voice, your time, and your power are needed to help heal and protect our communities and put an end to these hate crimes. We all deserve to live a life free from fear and trauma because of who we love, where we're from, or what we look like.

Ohio Women's Alliance members are committed to fighting against racism and dangerous gun legislation to make a difference in our communities. We are providing ways to get involved and take action today.

Support families impacted by the shooting by donating to an emergency response fund set up by The Dayton Foundation. Join Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) in their mission to undermine white supremacy and fight for racial justice in our state and nationwide.

Join the folks who have already been fighting: Ohioans for Gun Safetyand their dedication to closing loopholes in background checks. Join Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America and their work on gun violence prevention.

If you care about gun control, you need to care about fair elections. Learn about gerrymandering, the critical 2020 Census, and how your voice deserves representation at All On The Line - OH.

Thank you to the members of the Ohio Women's Alliance Cooperative who helped quickly compile this list, and thank you for using your power to fight against these senseless acts of violence.


It’s Here!

After months of co-creation with femme and female organizers and activists across Ohio, we have developed a brave and restorative space for new and existing leaders to be seen and heard, feel supported, and connect with one another. The Ohio Women's Alliance is proud to launch The Cooperative, our statewide coalition of femme and female community organizers, activists, and leaders.

We are forming this Alliance because we know from experience that advocating for change is empowering, intimidating, challenging, and beautiful all at the same time. Creating a better Ohio begins with engaged citizens, and developing an engaged constituency requires trusted, experienced, well-resourced community organizers. We believe that by resourcing, connecting, and investing in local leaders, we can create more impactful and accessible opportunities for engagement, and create a cultural narrative shift that champions a better Ohio for all.

Help us grow The Cooperative. If you are one of these leaders, we invite you to be a founding member by completing the interest form and informing us on how we can support you and your work. The Cooperative is free to join but requires a commitment to the Pillars of Prosperity listed in the interest form here. If you're a partner or ally, share this with folks you think should be a part of this dynamic community!

From the team at the Ohio Women's Alliance and the founding members of The Cooperative, thank you for your continued support, and for helping build community for community builders. For more information, feel free to reach out to any of us at our email addresses below.


Erin Scott, Co-Founder & Executive Director 

Rhiannon Childs, Co-Founder and VP of Community Engagement & Social Impact

Olivia Adkins, Digital Content Manager